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GENTS SA Father & Sons Camp 2024

For dads and lads aged 8-12yrs (or Yrs 4-7). If you know a boy without a father-figure, they are very welcome to come with you.

Dates:       Friday, Nov 1st (5:00pm) - Sunday 3rd, (2pm) 2024


Cost:         $75 p/p  Regos close Friday, Oct 18th (earlier if full)


Venue:      The Ranges War Memorial Hall, The Range


Camp Directors: Hamilton McNicol and David Buxton


Ph:  0432 913 250       E-mail:


What happens on camp:

  • The Furnace

  • Archery Tag                                   

  • Campfire cooking 

  • Men's Toolbox

  • Survivor

  • Fathers vs Sons

  • Friday Night Feast

  • and more

"Life begins outside your

comfort zone"

The modern world has sought to make life as comfortable and as convenient as possible. Yet, the by-product of this is lack of resilience and all manner of anxiety and depressive conditions. Confidence and passion for life is found by taking on bigger and better challenges, stepping towards our fears and perceived threats on the way. On camp we will do a number of fun but challenging activities that help us to discover what we are made for and how we overcome to get there.

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