GENTS Ministry is the suite of ministry that supports communities to do and be the key things that help raise boys successfully through to adulthood.

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GENTS Ministry Launch

Thursday, Sept 17th, 7-9pm

GENTS Ministry Launch

The system that we have for boys is broken. This year we kick off GENTS 'My Tribe' to round out our suite for GENTS Ministry. To find out more and come to the launch click the rocket

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The 'Father Four' stuff that needs to happen in your community targeted at the four key stages of development between 7-24 years. This includes the inter-generational relationships from kids to grandpas

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The rite of passage camp that helps boys become men. The initiation is for 18 year olds, but includes all males aged 13-70 years

GENTS Camp Father and Sons

This is a camp for fathers and sons aged

7-12 years. Its a bunch of fun but explores the four key aspects that help boys thrive: memorable story-telling, adventure, responsibility, and deep relationship

Scripture Union South Australia: 14 Adele Ave, Kidman Park, 5025​   ph: 08 8235 9500   fax: 08 8353 6400