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The 'Resourcing' section of GENTS 'My Tribe' should only be used with imagination. If the 'whole is greater than the sum of its parts', the first step always starts with a Spirit infused imagination of what could be. The climax of the book of Romans says, "The creation waits in eager expectation for the Sons of God to be revealed".  The Apostle Paul had an imagination that was bursting with excitement of how amazing the world would be when people reflected all of their royal potential in Christ and by his Spirit. By all means, have a dig around. But, don't get started until your 'Company of Ordinary Heroes' are giddy with expectation. No short cuts! But, if you need, get in touch with the  GENTS Ministry Coordinator (Ph or email) to get an inspiring process rolling. 

Resources are either categorised in the activities of 'The Father Four' or by the stages of development they most align with. Some resources link across all stages and all activities. Those are liminal moments as sacred as can be found in our modern world. Enjoy!

The Four Stages

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