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Play is the main way people learn ethics and socialisation 

- Jean Piaget

Psychologists now understand that play is the main way people learn to navigate themselves well in the world*. This is true of adults, but especially children. Our different kinds of Combat Games are lots of fun and challenging, but shaped to simulate real world principles that are developmentally essential at each stage. Play is a sacred space where people can test what they are learning consciously and sub-consciously with others without the crushing threat of the full consequences of the real world. 

We have prepared game scenarios to achieve specific developmental stage outcomes, but if you have a particular learning outcome that you desire, whether for children or team work in adults, please get in touch as we would love to make this possible.

If you just want to have loads of fun, then that is guaranteed!

Archery Tag

Archery Tag is high paced, fun, and great for team work. Archery Tag can be done as a fun activity with youth or for adults developing principles of team work. Archery Tag is suitable for children aged 9 years+, but game play will be tailored to suit. Your session may include any of the well loved favourites such as:

  • Capture the Flag

  • Last One Standing

  • Take the Castle

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$20 p/p


Amazonia simulates the ancient tribal practice of blow dart hunting. Its loads of fun, simple to learn, and very accurate! Game play can be adapted to suit age. Standard options includes:

  • Target shooting (ages 5-10)

  • Animal hunt (ages 7-14)

  • Skirmish (ages 12+)

  • Sniper (ages 12+)



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