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My Tribe - Teaching Responsibility

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Teaching Responsibility is about helping young people to take up as much meaningful responsibility as they can. This must be discerned in relation to the other 'Fathering Four' and can't be done well in an isolated way. Below is a broad framework on what young people can generally achieve according to general cognitive and psychological developmental capabilities. As young people age, increasing levels of responsibility are only really possible in healthy and sustainable ways if they build upon earlier stages well. The absolute critical transition in all of this is from child to adult (approx 18yrs). This shift requires an intentional community led disruption in the egocentric psyche of the boy so they can become an other-centric man. This transition will not happen self or peer led. The community (meta-father) must lead this with conviction of what is important for their community to thrive and what will remain once life has been lived. Genesis 1:26-31 gives a broad outline of what a good man will take responsibility for in life.

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