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Specific Financial Needs


Wired Youth seeks to grow work in a financially sustainable way. However, there are projects and opportunity that just need extra help. Please consider some of the following ways you can support the work we do, and work that desperately needs to happen


Student Led Groups

Student Led Groups is the most strategic work of Wired Youth, but also some of the hardest. We need $20,000 to set up the support these groups need to keep them growing in both strength and number. Without this, they will disappear. So far, we have raised $6,000.


Sponsor a Camper

It costs $180 to send a young person on camp. Every year we have numerous campers who need to be sponsored to get to camp. This can be one of the most impacting forms of giving.


Start a new Program

To start a new type of ministry costs at least $1000. However, its starting new activities that helps us to keep the movement of Scripture Union fresh, vibrant, and relevant

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