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Student Led Groups


Student Led Groups are groups that are led by Christian students with the aim of being a source of light and hope in their school community. After all, the best person to demonstrate and share about faith to a student is another student! But, on their own, Christian students often are so isolated they don’t know where or how to start. Student Led Groups is a partnership between Wired Youth, Youth For Christ, and Bible Society Australia to support, train, resource, and facilitate networking with other Christians leading groups in schools all over SA.


Each term there is one training morning (with breakfast) to continue to develop skills and networks amongst leaders of these groups. Youth Leadership Week is the main annual training event that inspires and equips enthusiastic young Christians to be prepared for the challenge.


Each group receives over $200 worth of books and support material to help them in starting and running a successful group. And, each student gets a free resource when they join a group.

Next Student Led Group Training Event


- Youth Leadership Week -


When: July 14th-17th, 2015

Where: Woodhouse Activity Centre, Piccadilly


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