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Jewels Camp Leader Info

JEWELS is a camp for girls in years 7 to 12 at school and explores issues facing girls in today's culture and builds towards a rite of passage experience for each girl in year 11 and 12. Girls in today's western culture face many challenges in building a positive identity, these include: family breakdown; poor mental health; negative body image; sexualisation and objectification by the media; online bullying and negative content and trying to negotiate relationships.  JEWELS explores these issues while building an inter-generational community of women who support each other.

We welcome not only youth leaders and young women as leaders on JEWELS, but women of any age are welcome to apply to be a leader.  JEWELS is an inter-generational camp so no matter what age you are you have something to give.

Leaders will form positive relationships with girls, help run small group discussions, join in activities and be leaders of a tribe.  So why not give it a go.


For more information contact Cherith at


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