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Blokes and CHIC


Blokes and CHIC are gender specific programs developed for young people aged 11-15 in schools or youth groups, exploring a variety of issues including identity, self-worth, respect for others, relationships, vocation, and conflict resolution amongst other topics. The programs give young South Australians a chance to learn vital skills and values for life and to engage with personal, community and social issues in a meaningful way, with positive older role models.


In an age where traditional values have been left behind, there now exists the dilemma of young people not knowing what it means to be a man or a woman – let alone how to get there! And, for many young people, there are few accessible role-models.


Blokes and CHIC are run in small groups of 6-10 students, over 6-10 weeks. Each session is interactive and based around a variety of fun activities and related discussion, creating a challenging but informal environment where young people can consider their own values and explore worthwhile ambitions they can pursue in their future.


The programs are highly flexible, so that they can be tailored to the specific needs of the young people participating. CHIC and Blokes have run successfully in a many government, independent schools in both the metro and regional areas, as well as on camps and in community and youth groups. 


Wired Youth runs training sessions once a term for those wanting to run Blokes and CHIC. Free sample packs are available. Contact Hamilton McNicol for more info:


Not currently scheduled. Get on contact with Hamilton to arrange a time


I understand now who I am and where I belong.


I'm excited about my future!



Blokes Participant

Running Blokes and CHIC in upper primary has given me a chance to show the school community how beneficial we can be as Chaplains

Brenton Poole

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