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SOAR Adventures is a national adventure based experiential learning program empowering young people in schools:


  • Early intervention

  • Youth programs

  • Commercial training and team building

  • Outdoor Education guided tours - schools and commercial


The practical adventure based approach presents unique physical and emotional challenges throughout the program, coaching young people toward peak experiences of accomplishment and personal achievement. This process releases people to approach life, its successes and its challenges with confidence and hope.


SOAR Adventures aims to:

Ø Equip young people with vital skills to overcome challenges in their lives with steadfast confidence and dignity.

Ø Coach young people to make positive decisions that will benefit themselves and others in the future.

Ø Inspire young people to set personal goals; to discover their deepest passions, hopes and dreams.

Ø Enhance young people’s ability to dramatically impact and influence the people around them.

Ø Empower young people to change the community they live in.


The SOAR Adventure program has been developed as a response to the growing need of working with young people who are struggling with both environmental and personal factors and are at-risk of falling out of school. 

SOAR has totally changed my life for the



SOAR Adventures Graduate

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