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Student Led Groups

Blokes and CHIC are gender specific programs which run for one session a week for 6 - 10 weeks for students in years 6 to 9. The programs focus on issues that commonly block young people making a successful transition into adulthood. This is a great program for school, community, and youth groups

SOAR Adventures is a 12 month, school based adventure and hands-on learning program that develops resilience and focus for boys in years 7 to 9. SOAR uses a highly relational approach that helps participants develop identity and gain a sense of belonging. It's particualrly suited to students who are at-risk of being excluded from their school, who are in conflict or crisis with their families or are suffering from depression or demoralisation.

Blokes and CHIC

Student Led Groups are groups led by Christian Students with the aim of being a source of light and hope in their school. Student Led Groups are a partnership between Scripture Union SA, Youth For Christ, and Bible Society Australia to support, train, resource, and facilitate networking with other Christians leading groups in schools all over SA.

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