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Camp Program

Youth Leadership Week has 3 strands to allow for three years of camper participation. Each strand builds incrementally upon the previous so it's always challenging but achievable.


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The camp program has a mixture of types of activities to keep the program highly engaging. This includes lots of physical games, workshops, cohort activites, and much more.


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 On-camp Mentors

If you are involved in youth work or ministry, then Youth Leadership Week is an excellent opportunity to develop your skills in leading others. There are five state youth coordinators on camp who will mentor you as you mentor your cohort. To find out more, click below and let us know you are interested.


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Main Speaker


Elliot Keane is married to Sarah and dad to Aarian, Ronin and Torin. Elliot is lead Pastor at Richmond Baptist in the inner West of Adelaide. Elliot also works as the Evangelism Equipper for Baptist Churches of SA. He is passionate about community engagement, equipping God's people for Kingdom work and pointing people to King Jesus. During the week you'll find him drinking coffee somewhere in Adelaide and planning the next adventure for the family.


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