GENTS 'My Tribe'

Over the past few decades boys have been brought up increasingly by agents other than 'The Village'. Schools, Google, screens, pornography, and peers are the new source of life education. Consequently, it is now normal for boys to be highly addicted, medicated, depressed, lonely, self-harming, and without joy and purpose in the world. GENTS 'My Tribe' helps communities to reverse this and make their village the place boys most want to be as they grow into manhood.


GENTS 'My Tribe' Launch

Click the rocket to find out more and register to attend the 'My Tribe' launch Thursday, Sept 17th, 7-9pm SouthPoint Community Church 24 Towers Tce, Edwardstown

Scripture Union South Australia: 14 Adele Ave, Kidman Park, 5025​   ph: 08 8235 9500   fax: 08 8353 6400