• Build relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait communities.

  • Develop young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Leaders.

  • Build relationships between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal churches.

  • Deliver Christian children and youth programs which introduce  them to Jesus and the church.

  • Educate non-Aboriginal Christian organisations, churches and youth groups about Aboriginal and Torres Strait faith and culture.

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GEN180 wants to impact this young generation of children and young people for Jesus so their lives and future turn 180 degrees.  Our volunteer leaders bring God's truth to the issues facing young people so they know their true identity and purpose.

JEWELS Camp is for girls in Year 7-12.


Adventure and challenge activities this year include, Treeclimb and Escape Room.

JEWELS gives girls:

  • A sense of belonging

  • Community

  • Place to explore their identity as young women

  • Tools to navigate the issues they face in our modern culture.

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GEN180 runs 2 camps for for children of prisoners each year. These camps teach values through outdoor activities and positive leadership models. Campers learn new skills enabling them to make good life choices for their own future. This is true crime prevention! These camps are run in partnership with Second Chances. If you would like to find out more about these camps, visit our partners website. 

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