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Squire (Assistant Leadership) Program


GENTS Camp is committed to raising up a new generation of leaders. As such, GENTS Camp has developed an Assistant Leadership (Squire) Mentoring Program. In this program, teens who have attended GENTS Camp as a camper, have the opportunity to come back in Year 11 and 12 to complete a leadership apprenticeship, where they are taught the practical skills of leadership as well as attitudes that all good leaders possess.


Squires are given a mentor during their time on camp, who will give them feedback and support, and gradually release more and more responsibility to the assistant leader as they demonstrate their ability to handle that responsibility. Once students have completed their Squire apprenticeship, they are invited to become part of the leadership team, having met all the requirements of assistant leading.


Squire(ing) is by invitation only. Contact the camp director if you have any questions. E-mail:

Squires need to use the camper registration form if they are under 18 before camp begins. If they are already 18, they can use the leader registration. Access these on the GENTS Camp SA home page.

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